Keisling & Pieper PLC focuses its services on intellectual property matters, including all facets of intellectual property protection.  These services include litigation and the acquisition of patents, trademarks, and copyright registrations.  The firm’s clients range from individuals to publicly traded companies with representation covering everything from strategic planning to intellectual property management.  We regularly practice both alongside and against the largest state and national law firms, with a “boutique” size that enhances our individualized service, attention to detail, and sensitivity to our clients’ needs and objectives.

We are not only dedicated to our clients, but also to our community and our profession.  We demonstrate this commitment through a variety of charitable and community activities and support our individual attorney’s participation and leadership in various charitable, civic, professional, recreational,  and community outreach programs.  Our attorneys put forth these efforts and pursuits to advance the quality of life in our community and profession. 

It is our honor and privilege to continue to serve our clients and the community as a whole with offices in both Northwest Arkansas and Little Rock.

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